Welcome to my Technical Ramblings

Welcome to my world.  I’m a long time IT guy, over 30 years of dabbling and such, with many experiences.  Join me in my pages here to enlighten and discuss the various and changing world of technology.

The most popular discussion is on my Free Internet Software page.  Here I track and log various pieces of software that are 1. completely free, that is free of cost and at least mostly free of adware and other annoyances.  And, 2. really worth your time to use.  So many web sites are clogged with “free downloads” for software that is ultimately not free in any sense of the word.  Either they end up costing you in money or worse in infecting your computer with additional software or features that destroy your system’s integrity.

Also visit the Ramblings category on my blog for good information on how to keep your computers in shape.  Lean and mean is the method I recommend for any computer.  The more software you add, even if it seems like a small thing, can sometimes end up being a major blow to your system.  This concept is also approached in my Free Software list.  Keep the software simple, and your computer will remain in the best condition.

In any review, here or elsewhere watch out for these: Rhetological Fallacies